Create professional ambience using glass partition


Are you planning to refurbish your office? If yes, then you must consider installing glass partitioning systems in your workplace to provide a more professional ambience. Many interior design companies also provide glass partition in Dubai at affordable prices. The installation of glass partitions actually provides a wealth of opportunities for effective space management


This type of partitioning system provide a sleek and clean look to your  office interiors exuding sophistication and professionalism. And if you want to leave a good impression on your industry partners and clients, glass room dividers is nothing but a great choice.

The glass partitioning system uses thick glass that fits into a metal frame that is usually made of aluminium or steel. Typically the glass used is 3 to 4mm thick, but some may also consider installing an even thicker 5mm tempered glass or 7mm laminated glass.


The finishing of glass room dividers can be laminated, frosted or linen, as per the requirement of privacy. For example, the conference rooms  are best constructed using frosted glass, providing the required privacy while also sharing light with the other side of the glass. Moreover, you can also select the framework that is available in different hues to match your requirements.

For glass partition works in Dubai you can consider to contact Visualize Interiors. This interior design company excels in fabricating and installing the glass partitioning systems in your home or workplace. The firm takes pride in providing fine craftsmanship and top-quality materials.

home interior for pet

Pet-Friendly Home Interior Design

If you happen to be the person who can’t imagine living without a pet dog or cat, then you must design your home interiors in a pet friendly way. But, compromising your sense of personal style for accommodating your four-legged friends might not be a good thought for you. Therefore you must contact interior design companies in Dubai who can help you design and furnish your home in pet-friendly ways.

home pet

Here we have some of the ideas for decorating your home in a pet-friendly way by professional interior design companies Dubai:-

  •         Choose durable floors

The piddle and paw prints of your pet is a very common thing that you would have to undergo. In order to keep the pet room in a top notch condition, flooring with a hard surface should be used. You can think of laminate flooring, stone or ceramic tiles, or painted concrete flooring as each of them are easier to clean and also give a classy look to the interiors. Moreover, such flooring type is cool in hot weather and is therefore comforting for your furry friend.

  •         Use slip-proof area rugs

Since polished planks or tiles can be slippery for your four legged friend, you must add area rugs or rubber mats for keeping your pet safe. Not only area rugs enhance the room, but also prevent staining and spotting of the floors. They also give a comfortable place for your pet to snooze. You can choose patterned rugs with a multitude of colors to hide away the pet hair, stains and dirt. The most durable and inexpensive option is neutral-color sisal or sea grass mat.

  •         Use paint to protect the walls

Just like kids, your pet can do a number of things to damage the walls of your home. They can rub against them as they pass, or can spray drools on wall by shaking their head in case your pet is a dog, or scratch the wall in case it’s a cat. Therefore, instead of wallpaper, make use of semi-gloss paint so that you can easily wipe away slime with paper towels.

If you are a pet owner in Dubai and looking for a good interior design company in Dubai, then you can hire the services of CK Architecture and get the best guidance for designing your home in  a pet friendly  way.




Dubai Travel Guide for First Time Visitors!

The great thing about going to Dubai is that there are many Dubai Holiday packages available to choose from. However, there are a couple of things that you should know and consider that are essential when you are going to this great place for the first time. Here are a travel guide and some other common information about Dubai that first time visitors should know about:

A variety of activities available

Something that first time visitors don’t know is that there are many things that you can actually see and do in Dubai. This is especially for those who love doing shopping.

With a bit of research and talking to locals, you will be able to find out what type of activities you can do that are really fun and interesting. You can also ask someone that is organizing the Dubai holiday packages for some advice.

Booking at top hotels

Dubai is known to have some of the best hotels in the world. There are some luxurious hotels and there are some affordable hotels. It is important to make sure that you know that you are going to book at the Best Hotels in UAE, for the best experience and for the most luxurious holiday.

The problem is that many are looking for a cheap hotel, and they are ending up staying in a place that are filthy and in a dodgy neighborhood. This should be avoided at all costs, if you are a tourist that is looking for a great Dubai experience.

Considering booking a holiday package

The great thing about Dubai is the different Dubai holiday packages that you can choose from. This is making it easier to see all the things in and around Dubai that you just should see.

With this type of booking, you will be sure that you don’t miss out on anything. Without making use of the package, there might be some sightseeing places and tourist attractions that you will not be able to see.

Using the taxis in Dubai

There are two different types of taxis in Dubai. You don’t need to use the most expensive ones, because the cheaper ones are just as reliable as the expensive ones. Even, if you are staying at the best Hotel Dubai, you still don’t need to waste money in using the more expensive taxis.

The great thing about Dubai, is that you can also use the metro system. They are clean and not expensive at all. Many locals and tourists are making use of this type of transport in Dubai.

If you are going to Dubai for the first time, you need to make sure that you are going to know as much as possible about their travel guide. There are a couple of things that you should know and consider before you are making your final travel arrangements. One of these things that you should consider, is that you should stay at the best hotel Dubai and make sure that you know all the places that you should visit. For more info: http://www.toursnhotels.com

bedroom design

5 Questions You Need To Ask In Designing Your House

When searching for interior design fit out companies in Dubai, one needs to make sure that the designers they meet are top notch. It is important to know and understand the skill level of the designer.

Interior design fit out companies in Dubai have some of the best designers who provide excellent services on the international level. However, it is important to ask some questions to evaluate their skill and expertise.

interior design

Here are the 5 important questions you need to ask in designing your house –

  1. Ask them about their previous experience. Ask them if they can show you the pictures of their previous work so you know what to expect from them. Ask them to show pictures of the different products that they have worked on so you can be sure that you are making the right choice.
  2. The first thing you should do before approaching a designer is to measure the size of your space. Once you are done with this step, you will have to ask the designer if they can work on the size of your space. If they are ok with it then ask them how they plant to do it.
  3. Provide your designer with your requirements and ask them if they can go around according to them. Ask them if they can provide a rough visual of the things you described so you can know what they have understood.
  4. As them about their charges. This is very important so you can decide accordingly.
  5. Ask the designer to check out the space and tell you if there are any features that might impact the placement of the house.

If you are looking for the right company to do your interiors in Dubai, then you should contact the experts at Subgate Interiors.

Tom Ford Sunglasses

Sunglasses For Hunks

Are you looking to buy some cool looking sunglasses for yourself? Or your friends? Well, the best brand for some cool and hunky shades for men and young boys, Tom Ford is the right sunglasses brand.

Tom Ford Sunglasses

Tom Ford sunglasses are very popular among men. Most men also have this brand on their wish list because of the high-end, trendy shades they make.  Apart for TF, there are a few other brands that make excellent shades for men. Buy before selecting a brand, one has to find the right type of shades suitable for men.

Here are a few types that are perfect for men –

Aviators: Ray Ban has made them popular and they have remained on the top since the 90s. Their fashion may not fade anytime soon and it is needless to say that they are the top choice for hunks.

Semi-rimless: Another top favorite choice of men. The semi-rimless shades are for the people who don’t wish to look too nerdy. They also make the wearer look younger. They come in different glass shapes and are very classy.

Wrap: Show off your adventurous angle with these cool shades! These sunglasses are apt for men who love riding their bikes and other adventurous activities. Just like the Shields, the Wraps too enhance the adventurous appeal and make men look macho.

Round: The forever classy rounds are a way to a man’s heart. The trend has come out in the 50s and hasn’t faded ever since. These sunglasses are fun, quirky, and classy! They are suitable on people with round and oval face and give them a sober look.

Are you looking for some nice set of shades for gifting to your boyfriend, brother, husband or friend? Find the best in Dubai at Optics Online. They sell amazing sunglasses for men from international brands at very reasonable prices.

cherry cake

Easy To Cook Vegetarian Cake

With the growing awareness about the abuses animals go through for giving us food and becoming our food, many people are turning vegetarian or vegan. Even those who wish to live a healthier life style are turning towards vegetarian and dairy products free diet. In today’s time, many dieticians and nutritionists are advising against the consumption of non-vegetarian food. This has led to invention of many alternative food ingredients and recipes of many dishes.

Cakes in Dubai

Cake is also one such food item which now is available with vegetarian ingredients. Now, cakes in Dubai are made with many alternative ingredients which don’t reduce the texture and taste of cakes but only make it more appealing and palatable. Following are some of the recipes of vegetarian cakes in Dubai which are very much appetizing also:

  •         Eggless Pineapple cake: This cake is our regular pineapple cake but just without eggs. Like our regular cake, you can use other ingredients and flavors also to make this cake yummier, like honey, raisins, coconut, etc. You can pineapple syrup, pineapple jam or even pineapple slices instead of only pineapple flavor.
  •         Eggless Date Cake: This is one of the healthiest and most classic cake having rich taste in every bite. You can use almonds, cashews, walnuts, pistachios and honey along with dates in this recipe if you like your cake to have some crunchy things to chew on. You can put date pieces or simply puree your dates and add it in the mixture, according to your taste and liking. This cake is perfect for those who like their cake to be very sweet.
  •         Le Turinois or Chocolate Chestnut Cake: This cake is very much different than our regular cake flavors. As the name suggests, this cake has flavors of bitter chocolate and chestnut. The cake also has toasted or roasted fennel seeds. Another optional ingredient in this cake is rum.

G’s is a café, bakery and deli which makes some of the best vegetarian cakes in entire Dubai. With our in-house bakery, we also make sure that nothing but quality ingredients are used in your cakes.

roll steel

How Steel is Refined?

Earlier, rock or shaped stones were used to perform many of the tasks. We have never wondered how a slab of rock will get turned into the most effective heavy metal iron and then to steel. Times have changed from then and evolution of technologies like the refining of steel has left a tremendous impact on modern society. Steel companies in Dubai have made it possible to use steel by shaping and molding it into different shapes and sizes. Steel is basically the tougher alloy of iron with impurities removed. However, it has a concentration of carbon content, there is a need of eliminating other impurities like, silica, sulfur, and phosphorus which weakens the steel to a great extent. So to produce the exact steel required various alloying elements such as manganese, nickel, chromium, and vanadium are added to produce a steel that has an improved strength than iron.

roll steel

Steel companies in Dubai go through several steps to create the tough and shiny steel out of rock-like iron ore. Steel refining can be understood by breaking down the procedure into few steps.

  • Making of Iron

Iron is the main component of steel and needs to be made. Iron ore is extracted from the rocks with the help of magnetic rollers. A mixture of iron ore, coke, lime is melted into a blast furnace to obtain the molten iron. This molten iron still consists approximately 5% of impurities which is further removed by the below process.

  • Primary

There are two main procedures for making steel. The basic oxygen steelmaking and electric arc furnaces. The first procedure includes adding scrap steel to the molten iron and passing oxygen force to cut down the impurities. Whereas, in electric arc furnace method, recycled steel is placed into electric arc furnace with molten iron and applied continuous high heat day and night to make pure steel from it.

  • Secondary

Now, this molten steel needs to modify and adjust its chemistry by undergoing various processes of degassing, stirring, ladle furnace and ladle injection. This is done in order to add certain elements to make distinct grades of steel and improving its quality. Then this molten steel is cast into a cool mold to solidify it.

After the casting process, hot rolling process, fabrication, cutting is performed. Finally, the steel gets its shape and properties. Zayn Steels is the leading supplier and manufacturer of steel and is the largest integrated steelmaking company, producing tons of steel every year being a radiant champion amongst the growing industries.

Arabic Perfumes

Popular Arabic Perfumes in Dubai

There is always a probability associated with you receiving a compliment which totally depends upon how you present yourself or how welcoming your fragrance is? So, a fragrance is an invincible part of a person’s life in portraying his image. We can’t deny the contribution of Arabic scents in the perfume industry that emits a luxurious touch to the fragrances. Arabic perfumes have exotic and enthralling aroma with a traditional feel that no one can easily escape from. Arabic culture is known for its perfumes all across the globe. Whenever you visit an Arabic country you will discover the strong and unique fragrance lingering in their houses, shops, malls and everywhere around you. You can shop the best Arabic perfumes in Dubai and cherish the heavenly experience of heritage perfumes.

V Perfumes has established itself as the most premier house of fragrances and Arabic perfumes in Dubai. Perfume culture was about to die in history but Arabs never let it fade and preserved the tradition. As they were traders and travelers they used to bring several spices and wood from Asian countries to create enchanting fragrances. These scents then became popular in people of all nations and are trending nowadays. The popular Arabic perfumes that have made their place in everyone’s heart are listed below.

• Oudh Perfumes

Oudh is extracted from the wood known as agarwood. The wood found from Aquiliria trees is molded such beautifully to obtain the resinous substance from it, which then is filtered and the pure oil of Oudh is created which gives a unique fragrance. This extract of Oudh is mixed with other natural oils and is bottled preciously. Oudh perfumes are said to be the most expensive perfume in the world equalling the price of gold or even more.

• Bakhoor

Bakhoor is a kind of incense prepared from the pieces of agarwood which are scented by distinct fragrance oils. Bhakoor looks like the pieces of a brick which are also prepared with many other natural ingredients like sandalwood, resin, ambergiris which are soaked in essential oil or fragrance. These are burned with charcoal in the incense burners that eludes a mesmerizing smoke to fill your homes and clothes with an alluring fragrance.

• Arabian Attar

Attar also known as ittar, is a natural oil which is prepared from botanical sources. These oils they obtained from herbs, flowers, woods and then are left for years to age so that the flowers or the herb infuse the water or oil with their aroma. These are the very concentrated forms of oils which are then sold in small crystal vials. The older they get the stronger they smell thus, having a permanent shelf life.


How To Approach Property Disputes In UAE?

Property disputes in UAE have become quite common. The issue may crop up between family members, business partners or even two individuals. According to the experts at www.smlawfirm.ae one needs to be extremely cautious when purchasing property. They should hire legal help so they won’t face any legal obligation in future.

If you are purchasing a property in Dubai, it is better to have a legal advisor to monitor the transaction. When you hire professionals from www.smlawfirm.ae, they will go through all the documents and will help you make a wise decision.

Be it an apartment, home, suites, building, or commercial and residential lands, disputes are quite common. When selling or buying property, the parties don’t reveal all the details regarding it. Sometimes, they may hide about the tenancy contract clauses. Maters like contract breach or breach of clauses are considered as property disputes.

There is a lot of importance given to the property laws in Dubai, UAE because more than 70% of the population is expats. Another point that shouldn’t be ignored is insurance issue of properties. All these issues are managed by property lawyers in Dubai.

The responsibility of a property lawyer is to defend the client, advise them and help them resolve the disputes. The lawyer will analyze the situation better and will also defend the case as per the UAE law.

A property lawyer will file the case under the judiciary and will represent the client on the day of hearing. The property law is mature and developed field that can’t be ignored as per UAE law. The professional will record all the papers and documentation for future reference.

If you are planning to purchase property and you legal help for it, contact SM Law Firm. They also cater you with business advice and purchase advice.

Aluminium & glass company in Dubai

The benefits of automatic sliding doors


Automatic sliding doors are stackable doors with many panels move entirely to the opposite and stacked flawlessly together. There are many varieties of automatic sliding door systems available in the market today. Glass and aluminum doors in Dubai offer many architectural designs and can be customized as per your needs. They are manufactured with a sophisticated and superior sliding mechanism. It is a common sight to see them in operations in offices, hospitals, malls, banks, restaurants and public buildings of all kinds.

Below are some benefits of automatic aluminium sliding doors-

High traffic and hands-free

Image a busy shopping mall where there are a large number of people entering and leaving the place all day, perhaps carrying or pushing things, sliding doors open very quickly and safely, without the need of a guard to stop, open or close the door. The automatic sliding aluminum door works on the principle of heavier the traffic through the door; heavier will be the moving panel.

Aluminium & glass company in Dubai

Aluminium & glass company in Dubai

Visual and image enhancement

When the looks of a building are of extra importance it is quite common to have two find a curved automatic door which is offer and energetic look to any building and helps to maximize the light in the room and achieve the full potential of view. Aluminum sliding doors are the best alternatives to a bi-folding door, with sash width of maximum 120 cm.


they have very good safety features such as wireless remote control as well as timers which allow the security guard to lock the doors without the need of his presence near them.


these programmed aluminum sliding doors open and close on itself-providing a great help to people with disability.

Gives footfall account

they also give the number of times the entryways open. By acquiring this data the shopping centers or malls can maintain a register of the people and products are entering the place at a given time.

Automatic aluminum sliding doors get jammed sometimes because of the Dirt and rust accumulated on the metals parts. They have to be changed or oiled regularly. to know more information please feel free to call Aluminum door Vendors in Dubai.