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Easy To Cook Vegetarian Cake

With the growing awareness about the abuses animals go through for giving us food and becoming our food, many people are turning vegetarian or vegan. Even those who wish to live a healthier life style are turning towards vegetarian and dairy products free diet. In today’s time, many dieticians and nutritionists are advising against the consumption of non-vegetarian food. This has led to invention of many alternative food ingredients and recipes of many dishes.

Cakes in Dubai

Cake is also one such food item which now is available with vegetarian ingredients. Now, cakes in Dubai are made with many alternative ingredients which don’t reduce the texture and taste of cakes but only make it more appealing and palatable. Following are some of the recipes of vegetarian cakes in Dubai which are very much appetizing also:

  •         Eggless Pineapple cake: This cake is our regular pineapple cake but just without eggs. Like our regular cake, you can use other ingredients and flavors also to make this cake yummier, like honey, raisins, coconut, etc. You can pineapple syrup, pineapple jam or even pineapple slices instead of only pineapple flavor.
  •         Eggless Date Cake: This is one of the healthiest and most classic cake having rich taste in every bite. You can use almonds, cashews, walnuts, pistachios and honey along with dates in this recipe if you like your cake to have some crunchy things to chew on. You can put date pieces or simply puree your dates and add it in the mixture, according to your taste and liking. This cake is perfect for those who like their cake to be very sweet.
  •         Le Turinois or Chocolate Chestnut Cake: This cake is very much different than our regular cake flavors. As the name suggests, this cake has flavors of bitter chocolate and chestnut. The cake also has toasted or roasted fennel seeds. Another optional ingredient in this cake is rum.

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