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5 Questions You Need To Ask In Designing Your House

When searching for interior design fit out companies in Dubai, one needs to make sure that the designers they meet are top notch. It is important to know and understand the skill level of the designer.

Interior design fit out companies in Dubai have some of the best designers who provide excellent services on the international level. However, it is important to ask some questions to evaluate their skill and expertise.

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Here are the 5 important questions you need to ask in designing your house –

  1. Ask them about their previous experience. Ask them if they can show you the pictures of their previous work so you know what to expect from them. Ask them to show pictures of the different products that they have worked on so you can be sure that you are making the right choice.
  2. The first thing you should do before approaching a designer is to measure the size of your space. Once you are done with this step, you will have to ask the designer if they can work on the size of your space. If they are ok with it then ask them how they plant to do it.
  3. Provide your designer with your requirements and ask them if they can go around according to them. Ask them if they can provide a rough visual of the things you described so you can know what they have understood.
  4. As them about their charges. This is very important so you can decide accordingly.
  5. Ask the designer to check out the space and tell you if there are any features that might impact the placement of the house.

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Trendy mirror sets.

Home is one of the fundamental needs for mankind to lead a happy life without any hassle. It is a place that contributes in inculcating vibrations inside you. Textures, colours, and the designing should be executed in such a way that it could create a positive aura in and around you. Thus, a good design for your home is important but on the top of that, if you have in mind a good interior design company such as interiors RUS then, it’s like an icing on the cake.

Interior designing is considered as an art that helps you organize things in the most appealing course of action. It is basically a process of designing the interior of a particular room or a complete building itself. Trendy mirror sets are one of the most popular amenities used for designing the interior of the homes these days.

How Versatile These Are

Trendy mirror sets are not that kind of designing stuff that has been developed for some particular use. These are stuff that can be used anywhere and everywhere as according to the space and designing of a particular room or a house. Dressing table or chair, washroom or bedroom, living room or simply walls, fancy mirror sets can be managed to design at any corner of your house.

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                         mirror Ideas

A trendy mirrored desk and a transparent chair completely made up of the mirror will definitely offer an awesome appearance to the dressing table of your room. Along with the enhanced appeal, it will also deliver a soothing effect everytime you go and sit to get yourself a makeover or so. You may also shop for some vintage mirror sets to design your washroom in a unique style.    

Types Of Sets

As can be seen through its versatility, designer mirror sets come in numerous varieties. For bathrooms you may use frameless mirror sets whereas contemporary mirrors will look great if used in the living area of your homes.

Moreover, framed traditional mirrors and lighted mirror sets are such kind of sets that can be used either in the dining area, kitchen or in your bedrooms to amplify the beauty of that particular area.Click here to see more ideas on trendy mirrors. 

Why Use Sets

Designer and chic mirror sets aid you a lot in creating a gentle and fresh environment all around. These not only help you in creating a splendid look but also assist you in fostering an efficacious ambience so that you and your family members may marshal a gleeful and delighted life always.

 You will get to know the basic needs of these mirrors as well that will let you know that these sets are not used for merely a designing purpose but according to vastushastra as well these are essential for some particular areas.  

Hence, pattern your homes with trendy mirror sets to give it an advanced ultra-modern look and to fabricate a pragmatic air throughout.



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Be Vintage – A new idea in interior designing.

Vintage Interior design is about 1940’s glamour and charm.  Vintage Interior Designing adds a touch of elegance and style of the ‘40s era, making it starkly different and contrasting in the contemporary world that we live in today.

Vintage Interior Designing

It is a growing trend nowadays to redecorate homes that adds a touch the yesteryear charm and essence. Vintage interior designing has become increasingly popular, mostly in the West. Not only homes, even offices have begun following the trend Vintage Interior Designing. Office interior designs in Dubai are going Vintage. Many of the workplaces and Offices in Dubai have begun adding the Vintage element to their interior designing. Going vintage not only brings about a feeling of a new aura, but also makes the workplace feel overwhelmingly beautiful, considering the contrast in the vintage designed office and other normal offices. Vintage antiques like Longcase clocks are never out of fashion. The older is the better. That’s the magic of Vintage interior Designing.

Vintage Interior Decorating ideas

Paints and Colors

The color scheme must be light neutral tones and bolder shades as a contrast.  Avoid bright colors. Start off with off white and add in some soft, pale colors. Colors give a feeling of a vintage blend, more than anything else.


Furniture adds life to any living space. To give it a vintage feel, Button-backed upholstered furniture blends right into the vintage interior design, especially with plain or leather fabrics.

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                    Vintage interior designing


Antiques are necessary when it comes to vintage interior designing. Porcelain antiques, Long case clocks, yesteryear vases, paintings, record players and anything pertaining to the 1940s era brings the vintage feel right into the room.


Natural lighting is a must when it comes to Vintage designing. Lights that give off soft orange glow are preferred during the night. Wall and table lamps, candle holders provide a vintage aura.

Vintage Interior Designing is achieved by keeping all the facts in mind in both homes and offices. Office Interior Design in Dubai is revolutionizing dynamically as the craze for the vintage decor is on a rise. Office interior design in Dubai aren’t completely focused upon changing the entire office’s looks and structure, right from soup to nuts, but are done in minuscule ways too. Here’s how:

  •  By changing the contemporary furniture into vintage furniture, brings the vintage aura into the room.
  • By replacing the flashy modern paint job with simple, natural contrasting bolder shades of paint.
  • Wallpapers of simple yet intricate designs can also be used for a vintage feel in the interior design.
  • Record players, Gramophones or Long case clocks and antiques of such kinds can also make the vintage atmosphere blend right in.

Vintage Interior Design is a new idea in the world of interior designing and is trending too, as it gives a contrasting feel between the vintage designed home and the contemporary homes. It also gives a feeling of living in the elegance of the 1940s, when we actually are living 75 years in future, 2016. Vintage Interior Designs are simply never out of fashion, even after so many years. The older is the better.