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Pet-Friendly Home Interior Design

If you happen to be the person who can’t imagine living without a pet dog or cat, then you must design your home interiors in a pet friendly way. But, compromising your sense of personal style for accommodating your four-legged friends might not be a good thought for you. Therefore you must contact interior design companies in Dubai who can help you design and furnish your home in pet-friendly ways.

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Here we have some of the ideas for decorating your home in a pet-friendly way by professional interior design companies Dubai:-

  •         Choose durable floors

The piddle and paw prints of your pet is a very common thing that you would have to undergo. In order to keep the pet room in a top notch condition, flooring with a hard surface should be used. You can think of laminate flooring, stone or ceramic tiles, or painted concrete flooring as each of them are easier to clean and also give a classy look to the interiors. Moreover, such flooring type is cool in hot weather and is therefore comforting for your furry friend.

  •         Use slip-proof area rugs

Since polished planks or tiles can be slippery for your four legged friend, you must add area rugs or rubber mats for keeping your pet safe. Not only area rugs enhance the room, but also prevent staining and spotting of the floors. They also give a comfortable place for your pet to snooze. You can choose patterned rugs with a multitude of colors to hide away the pet hair, stains and dirt. The most durable and inexpensive option is neutral-color sisal or sea grass mat.

  •         Use paint to protect the walls

Just like kids, your pet can do a number of things to damage the walls of your home. They can rub against them as they pass, or can spray drools on wall by shaking their head in case your pet is a dog, or scratch the wall in case it’s a cat. Therefore, instead of wallpaper, make use of semi-gloss paint so that you can easily wipe away slime with paper towels.

If you are a pet owner in Dubai and looking for a good interior design company in Dubai, then you can hire the services of CK Architecture and get the best guidance for designing your home in  a pet friendly  way.



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5 Questions You Need To Ask In Designing Your House

When searching for interior design fit out companies in Dubai, one needs to make sure that the designers they meet are top notch. It is important to know and understand the skill level of the designer.

Interior design fit out companies in Dubai have some of the best designers who provide excellent services on the international level. However, it is important to ask some questions to evaluate their skill and expertise.

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Here are the 5 important questions you need to ask in designing your house –

  1. Ask them about their previous experience. Ask them if they can show you the pictures of their previous work so you know what to expect from them. Ask them to show pictures of the different products that they have worked on so you can be sure that you are making the right choice.
  2. The first thing you should do before approaching a designer is to measure the size of your space. Once you are done with this step, you will have to ask the designer if they can work on the size of your space. If they are ok with it then ask them how they plant to do it.
  3. Provide your designer with your requirements and ask them if they can go around according to them. Ask them if they can provide a rough visual of the things you described so you can know what they have understood.
  4. As them about their charges. This is very important so you can decide accordingly.
  5. Ask the designer to check out the space and tell you if there are any features that might impact the placement of the house.

If you are looking for the right company to do your interiors in Dubai, then you should contact the experts at Subgate Interiors.

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Steel windows and doors – the new fashion in interior designing.

Although we see the outside world through the windows of our home and walk through the doors every single day, we usually do not think much about these two important architectural features of our home. Doors and windows as regarded just as functional elements that provide security, ventilation as well as natural light to our homes. But when it comes to interior décor, these two become an important aspect of the home that reflects the home’s personality along with the homeowner’s style. If you are living in Dubai, then there are many interior design companies in Dubai that can guide you about the latest trends in these two essential factors of your home. Click Here.

When approached a popular interior design company in Dubai, you might have been noticed steel windows and doors, in a few of the latest pictures that the designer would have shown you. Yes, these industrial modern beauties have moved out of the factories to take a special place in our homes and have become the latest trend in doors and windows of abodes. The strong steel frames with huge expanses of glass give a contemporary industrial appeal to your home, rendering enormous natural light inside. In addition to that, the steel doors and windows work well with both modern and traditional styles of architecture. Besides being around three times the cost of standard windows and doors, the steel windows and doors are still recommended by many of the interior design companies in Dubai because of the various advantages of steel in designing windows and doors. These include:

  • Narrow sight lines: this attribute of steel have been incorporated by a plenty of architects while constructing different types of buildings over the years. This quality of narrow sight lines has given the designers to utilize the gracefulness of steel into countless architectural styles.  The unique, aesthetic virtues accomplished by using steel in creating doors and windows cannot be matched by using any of the alternative materials like aluminum or wood.
  • Strength: the strength of steel is another factor that has made it to be the choice of material to be used while constructing doors and windows of a home. It happens to be around three times more strong than aluminium. Steel frames will hold the hardware used to fasten the doors and windows tightly, so that they do not pull out easily.
  • Easy installations: there is hardly any problem with the installation of steel windows and doors as these arrive at the construction site without being damaged from anywhere. But other materials like wood or vinyl  may crack or get spoiled while being transported, hence delaying the construction.
  • Factory finishes:  the modern technology uses metal pre- treatment methods, including galvanizing, powder coatings, electro-coat (e-coat) primer and more so that the steel windows and doors constructed in factories remains maintenance free. Thus steel windows and doors are durable and remain looking beautiful as well.