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Arabic Perfumes

Popular Arabic Perfumes in Dubai

There is always a probability associated with you receiving a compliment which totally depends upon how you present yourself or how welcoming your fragrance is? So, a fragrance is an invincible part of a person’s life in portraying his image. We can’t deny the contribution of Arabic scents in the perfume industry that emits a luxurious touch to the fragrances. Arabic perfumes have exotic and enthralling aroma with a traditional feel that no one can easily escape from. Arabic culture is known for its perfumes all across the globe. Whenever you visit an Arabic country you will discover the strong and unique fragrance lingering in their houses, shops, malls and everywhere around you. You can shop the best Arabic perfumes in Dubai and cherish the heavenly experience of heritage perfumes.

V Perfumes has established itself as the most premier house of fragrances and Arabic perfumes in Dubai. Perfume culture was about to die in history but Arabs never let it fade and preserved the tradition. As they were traders and travelers they used to bring several spices and wood from Asian countries to create enchanting fragrances. These scents then became popular in people of all nations and are trending nowadays. The popular Arabic perfumes that have made their place in everyone’s heart are listed below.

• Oudh Perfumes

Oudh is extracted from the wood known as agarwood. The wood found from Aquiliria trees is molded such beautifully to obtain the resinous substance from it, which then is filtered and the pure oil of Oudh is created which gives a unique fragrance. This extract of Oudh is mixed with other natural oils and is bottled preciously. Oudh perfumes are said to be the most expensive perfume in the world equalling the price of gold or even more.

• Bakhoor

Bakhoor is a kind of incense prepared from the pieces of agarwood which are scented by distinct fragrance oils. Bhakoor looks like the pieces of a brick which are also prepared with many other natural ingredients like sandalwood, resin, ambergiris which are soaked in essential oil or fragrance. These are burned with charcoal in the incense burners that eludes a mesmerizing smoke to fill your homes and clothes with an alluring fragrance.

• Arabian Attar

Attar also known as ittar, is a natural oil which is prepared from botanical sources. These oils they obtained from herbs, flowers, woods and then are left for years to age so that the flowers or the herb infuse the water or oil with their aroma. These are the very concentrated forms of oils which are then sold in small crystal vials. The older they get the stronger they smell thus, having a permanent shelf life.