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How Steel is Refined?

Earlier, rock or shaped stones were used to perform many of the tasks. We have never wondered how a slab of rock will get turned into the most effective heavy metal iron and then to steel. Times have changed from then and evolution of technologies like the refining of steel has left a tremendous impact on modern society. Steel companies in Dubai have made it possible to use steel by shaping and molding it into different shapes and sizes. Steel is basically the tougher alloy of iron with impurities removed. However, it has a concentration of carbon content, there is a need of eliminating other impurities like, silica, sulfur, and phosphorus which weakens the steel to a great extent. So to produce the exact steel required various alloying elements such as manganese, nickel, chromium, and vanadium are added to produce a steel that has an improved strength than iron.

roll steel

Steel companies in Dubai go through several steps to create the tough and shiny steel out of rock-like iron ore. Steel refining can be understood by breaking down the procedure into few steps.

  • Making of Iron

Iron is the main component of steel and needs to be made. Iron ore is extracted from the rocks with the help of magnetic rollers. A mixture of iron ore, coke, lime is melted into a blast furnace to obtain the molten iron. This molten iron still consists approximately 5% of impurities which is further removed by the below process.

  • Primary

There are two main procedures for making steel. The basic oxygen steelmaking and electric arc furnaces. The first procedure includes adding scrap steel to the molten iron and passing oxygen force to cut down the impurities. Whereas, in electric arc furnace method, recycled steel is placed into electric arc furnace with molten iron and applied continuous high heat day and night to make pure steel from it.

  • Secondary

Now, this molten steel needs to modify and adjust its chemistry by undergoing various processes of degassing, stirring, ladle furnace and ladle injection. This is done in order to add certain elements to make distinct grades of steel and improving its quality. Then this molten steel is cast into a cool mold to solidify it.

After the casting process, hot rolling process, fabrication, cutting is performed. Finally, the steel gets its shape and properties. Zayn Steels is the leading supplier and manufacturer of steel and is the largest integrated steelmaking company, producing tons of steel every year being a radiant champion amongst the growing industries.