Aluminium & glass company in Dubai

The benefits of automatic sliding doors


Automatic sliding doors are stackable doors with many panels move entirely to the opposite and stacked flawlessly together. There are many varieties of automatic sliding door systems available in the market today. Glass and aluminum doors in Dubai offer many architectural designs and can be customized as per your needs. They are manufactured with a sophisticated and superior sliding mechanism. It is a common sight to see them in operations in offices, hospitals, malls, banks, restaurants and public buildings of all kinds.

Below are some benefits of automatic aluminium sliding doors-

High traffic and hands-free

Image a busy shopping mall where there are a large number of people entering and leaving the place all day, perhaps carrying or pushing things, sliding doors open very quickly and safely, without the need of a guard to stop, open or close the door. The automatic sliding aluminum door works on the principle of heavier the traffic through the door; heavier will be the moving panel.

Aluminium & glass company in Dubai

Aluminium & glass company in Dubai

Visual and image enhancement

When the looks of a building are of extra importance it is quite common to have two find a curved automatic door which is offer and energetic look to any building and helps to maximize the light in the room and achieve the full potential of view. Aluminum sliding doors are the best alternatives to a bi-folding door, with sash width of maximum 120 cm.


they have very good safety features such as wireless remote control as well as timers which allow the security guard to lock the doors without the need of his presence near them.


these programmed aluminum sliding doors open and close on itself-providing a great help to people with disability.

Gives footfall account

they also give the number of times the entryways open. By acquiring this data the shopping centers or malls can maintain a register of the people and products are entering the place at a given time.

Automatic aluminum sliding doors get jammed sometimes because of the Dirt and rust accumulated on the metals parts. They have to be changed or oiled regularly. to know more information please feel free to call Aluminum door Vendors in Dubai.


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